The best things to do at Christmas in Nice

The best things to do at Christmas in Nice

The winter holiday season is one of the most magical times in Nice. The city is decorated with Christmas trees and lights, a huge Ferris wheel is installed on Place Massena, Santa walks around the Christmas village and, in general, the atmosphere is very festive. Here is a list of the best things to do with friends or family if you travel to Nice in December.

Visit the Christmas village

Christmas Village (“Marche Noël de Nice”) is a must-see place during the winter holidays in French Riviera. During December, here you can enjoy beautiful illuminations, various entertainments, delicious local food, and bright performances for the whole family. There is also an ice rink in the Christmas village. Even if you don’t know how to skate well, you can have fun at the rink with friends. You can visit the Christmas Village every day until 8 pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays until 9 pm. It will be open from late November to early January. Every year the village is located in the heart of the city, near Place Massena in the Gardens of Albert I.

See Santa in Christmas Village

One of the most interesting places in the Christmas village is Santa's house. Here you can take pictures with the main symbol of Christmas, as well as enjoy the festive atmosphere and have fun with kids. Concerts with Christmas songs and performances for the whole family are held on a small stage.

Taste traditional socca

The history of socca begins in the 19th century. According to the legend, Italian immigrants from Genoa brought the recipe od socca to Nice. Since then, it has been sold on the streets and in Provencal markets. Today, this specialty is very popular among tourists and residents of Nice. In fact, socca is a fragrant and crispy big pancake. The recipe is simple - chickpea flour and olive oil. The giant pancake is baked right in front of you in a huge frying pan on hot coals. You can pour socca with olive oil and sprinkle with Provencal herbs, or put on it a slice of soft cheese.

Drink hot wine at the Christmas fair

Hot wine (“gluhwein”) is traditionally considered to be a German drink. However, for a long time, this drink warms up people around the world during cold evenings and winter holidays. This drink has become an integral part of any Christmas market. What could be better than drinking a glass of hot wine with spices and citrus slices? Perhaps enjoy a drink from a height of 33 meters and a beautiful view of Christmas Nice.

Take a ride on a big wheel

As mentioned above, a nice view of the city opens from the Ferris wheel of Nice. During the day, you can see a breathtaking panorama from here. On the one side is a city with tile roofs, and on the other, the azure Mediterranean Sea. In the evening, this place becomes even more magical. The city is illuminated by the famous statues of Place Massena, multi-colored Christmas lights and other decorations. You can ride a big wheel from the end of November to January 1. It is normally open from 11 am to 23 pm.

Take photos on Place Massena

Place Massena is located in the center of Nice and is the heart of the city at the beginning of Jean Medecin Boulevard. In its center is situated the famous Sun Fountain with a marble statue of Apollo. The square itself looks like a huge chessboard. The floor is painted in black and white squares. In December, the square is decorated with Christmas trees, themed figures, and festive lights. Usually, in the winter season on the Place Massena, there is a Christmas market. Here you can take pictures with real Santa, drink hot wine and just spend a great evening with family or friends.

Dine in a traditional french restaurant

French cuisine is considered one of the best and most delicious in the world. It is interesting that each region has its own gastronomic features. Nice is popular for Mediterranean cuisine, which has a lot of fish and seafood. Since Nice is a port city, the seafood here is always fresh and very tasty. In general, at Christmas in France, people eat oysters, snails, and caviar with champagne. therefore, if you travel to the French Riviera in December, do not miss the opportunity to taste fresh oysters with excellent French wine.

Spend one day in the mountains

The French Riviera has attracted tourists for many years not only by the sea and good weather. Also here are the picturesque mountains, which are only 2 hours by car from the coast. In the snowy mountains, you can spend a magical time in a winter fairy tale. Snow-white views, the southern sun, raclette, hot drinks and entertainment for the whole family await you in the French Alps. You can go skiing, snowboarding or try less professional sports. For example, walking in the mountains or riding a snowmobile will be a great activity for a vacation with family or friends. You can go skiing or try less professional sports. For example, walking in the mountains or riding a snowmobile will be a great activity for your winter vacation in France.

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